Exercise is an important part of a successful program to reach and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals. While exercise alone is not very effective in bringing about significant weight loss, it does speed up your rate of weight loss during the program. And it plays a huge part in maintenance and the overall goal of improved health and wellness. Studies have shown that most people who successfully keep their weight off usually exercise daily.


The fitness and exercise training of the GFM Rapid Medical Weight Loss Program is tailored to each individual’s needs and fitness level. We incorporate body composition analysis (BCA) to help determine the most effective type of exercise to help you lose fat and maintain muscle mass as you progress through the program. BCA will measure the percentage of fat and muscle in your body to help determine what exercises are best for you. For instance, if your fat percentage is high and your muscle percentage low, we may recommend strength training to help build muscle mass, boost your metabolism, and reduce the amount of fat. BCA also lets us follow where your weight loss is coming from – fat or muscle - allowing your exercise program to be modified accordingly.


If you’ve never exercised before, we may start you out with a gentle program – such as walking - just to get you moving. You may find that as you lose weight and gain more energy, you’ll want to exercise more. We’ll modify your program as you progress. Often, the hardest part of exercising is just finding time to make it a part of your daily routine. We will assist you in finding the right type of exercise to fit into your individual lifestyle.


As part of our program, we have made it possible for our patients to join a local fitness facility and have access to a personal trainer with a special discounted arrangement. Through our affiliate gym, SPORTS FIT every person can begin their exercise program in a comfortable, supportive environment without feeling intimidated. Anyone, at any level of fitness will feel welcomed in this excellent facility. For those who want extra support and guidance to start and develop a customized exercise program, our personal fitness trainer is available on a one-on-one basis.


For those who don’t want to join a gym, exercise may just include increasing your level of activity. This could be as simple as walking around the neighborhood at lunch instead of sitting at your desk, parking further away when you go shopping, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Whatever your situation, we can develop an exercise plan that will fit your lifestyle, time, and level of fitness.

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