Success Stories

I have been a patient at Gill Family Medicine for over 20 years. For the past 10 years or so every time I have had an appointment with Dr. Gill we have discussed my weight and my need to lose weight. In June 2013, at my semi-annual checkup, Dr. Gill did not mention weight loss to me at all. Since I had been expecting it and was prepared for the conversation I was a little surprised so I asked him about it. He explained that he had decided to start a Rapid Weight Loss program through his practice and that if anyone was serious they could participate in it.



In 12 weeks of the GFM Rapid Weight Loss Program, I have lost 61.8 lbs.

For many years I have struggled being overweight. I'm naturally a big guy. Food is a weakness for me because I LOVE to eat! I've tried a few different types of diets and they have worked for a little while. I lose weight, but then I go back to my old habits.


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