How We Can Help

Gill Family Medicine offers patients a full range of primary care-led services so that you can get the exceptional healthcare you want and expect for yourself and your family. From annual wellness visits and preventative care to the management of acute or chronic conditions, our team is dedicated to helping you address any and all of your medical needs right within our Decatur practice.

Primary Care

Our primary care services at Gill Family Medicine address the everyday medical needs of our patients, including initial diagnosis, annual exams and the continual treatment of illness and preventative care. We’ll help you achieve and maintain your most optimal health with timely, compassionate and patient-focused care.

Lab and X-Ray Services

At Gill Family Medicine, we provide a majority of our comprehensive diagnostic tests and x-ray services right in our office. Our goal is to provide both convenient and timely screenings to diagnose and treat your concerns without you having to visit multiple providers to get the quality care you require. Our lab and x-ray services include:

Heart Testing

When health concerns regarding your heart need to be investigated, our practice can provide cardiac stress testing, electrocardiograms (EKG) and echocardiograms to diagnose the problem.


Our practice has a state-of-the-art x-ray facility for all of your imaging needs, including the chest, bones, joints and spine screenings.


Gill Family Medicine has a team of highly skilled ultrasound technicians available for all of your diagnostic ultrasound requirements.


We can help you to manage a multitude of lung problems like asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema, as well as perform chest x-rays and pulmonary function tests.

Women’s Health

From gynecological exams, pap smears and more, we help women maintain their health and wellness at any age.

Hormone Replacements

As you age, your hormone levels tend to decline naturally, resulting in many health concerns from fatigue and weight gain to sexual problems and more. Our practice can diagnose and restore low hormone levels to younger and healthier levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Wellness and Prevention

From wellness exams to preventative healthcare services like immunizations, our diagnostic tests will help you to stay on top of your everyday health and well-being.

Lab Testing

Gill Family Medicine provides comprehensive lab testing in-house for everything from acute illnesses to the ongoing management of chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Common Services

Gastroenterology and Digestive Services

Gastrointestinal issues and stomach problems can cause significant discomfort and impede on your overall quality of life. If you require treatment and management for digestive and colorectal symptoms, our practice is here to help. We also provide colonoscopies so you can stay on top of your gastrointestinal health and prevent disease.

Dermatology Services

Whether you are concerned about acne, rashes, sun damage, skin infections or skin cancer, our practice provides diagnoses, biopsies and treatments for any of your skincare concerns. We even offer nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and medical-grade skincare solutions so you can look as good as you feel at any stage of life.

Women’s Wellness

Our medical staff is highly experienced in women’s health and wellness and offers many obstetrics and gynecology services to help women reduce the number of doctors they need to see for their routine concerns. Whether you are interested in contraceptives, vaginal exams, mammograms or osteoporosis prevention, we work with women at all stages of their lives and ensure their wellness needs are met in a comfortable setting.